Brad Pitt May Not Be Serious About Relationship This Time Too

For about three decades or so, actor Brad Pitt has been loved and appreciated by fans and critics for his acting skills. He has got applauds for his films from all over the world. But now the actor is in the news for different reasons. On one side he is fighting a legal battle against Angelina Jolie, her ex-wife. On the other hand the news flashes regularly about his new girlfriend.

Brad Pitt

Brad’s relationships currently keep him in the headlines and gossips. That’s mostly because Brad Pitt has gone through a lot of changes in his love and married life. As the viewers loved him once for his films, now they give mixed reactions over his personal affair.

Brad met Jennifer Aniston in 1998. Their love story touched everyone. Fans adored them. They had a dream wedding in 2000. In 2005, they called it an end, leaving the fans stunned. Before fans could get over the news, Brad was rumored to be dating Angelina Jolie.

Brad and Jolie brought their relationship into public making the rumors true. They had a long time period of romance. They have six children together, both biological children and adopted ones. After they got married to each other in 2014, t didn’t take more than two years to part their ways. Now they are fighting a legal battle in the court during which they engage in attacking each other openly.

Amid all this, Brad has been heard to date more than one lady. The last name that has come out is of Nicole Poturalski, the German model. The news of their France visit has spread like a wildfire. But as per the sources, neither Nicole nor Brad is so serious about this affair.

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