Brahms The Boy 2 Hollywood Movie (2020) | Cast | Trailer 2

Brahms The Boy 2 is an upcoming hollywood movie starring Katie Holmes, Ralph Ineson, Owain Yeoman,Christopher Convery and directed by William Brent Bell. Produced by Matt Berenson,Gary Lucchesi,Tom Rosenberg,Jim Wedaa,Eric Reid,Roy Lee,Richard S. Wright. Music composed by Brett Detar and editing of Brahms The Boy 2 movie done by Brian Berdan. The movie is scheduled to release on 21 February 2020.

Brahms The Bot 2 Hollywood Movie Trailer 2

Brahms The Boy 2 Hollywood Movie (2020) Info:

Movie : Brahms The Boy 2

Director : William Brent Bell

Producer : Matt Berenson,Gary Lucchesi ,Tom Rosenberg,Jim Wedaa,Eric Reid,Roy Lee,
Richard S. Wright

Screenplay : William Brent Bell

Story : William Brent Bell

Music : Brett Detar

Editor : Brian Berdan

Cinematographer : Karl Walter Lindenlaub

Language : English

Release Date : 21 February 2020

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Brahms The Boy 2 Hollywood Movie Cast

• Katie Holmes

• Anjali Jay

• Owain Yeoman

• Christopher Convery

• Ralph Ineson

• Fabio William

• Natalie Moon

• Daphne Hoskins

• Joely Collins

• Oliver Rice

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