Like Captain America, Captain Marvel’s Second Part May Be Even Better

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans liked Captain Marvel and that’s why it became a hit at the box office. Now, some of the fans are assuming that the sequel to the film will be better than the first one.

It’s not new for movies that a sequel becomes more lovable to the fans than the original one. When the second installment of the Captain America series came out, fans considered it to have excelled over the first one.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers was an adopted Kree hero in Captain Marvel. The role was played by Brie Larson. A war happened between her shapeshifting Skrulls and Carol’s people. She was stuck in the war on Earth. Afterward, she discovers that her origin is from Earth. She also finds Skrulls to give an effort to reunite with their family traveling through space.

Danvers wins over the Kree warriors and Nick Fury helps her. Skrulls showed their gratitude to Danvers. After Avengers Endgame, the next MCU installment is the sequel to Captain Marvel. Fans have a lot of expectations from the sequel.

The three parts of the Captain America series did gradually better. While all the three impressed the fans, the next parts always seemed to be better than the previous one to the fans.

Some of the fans have compared the next part of Captain Marvel to the second part of the Captain America series which is Winter Soldier.

Captain Marvel created a good impression with its solid establishment of a simple but strong character. The storyline or the characters to be featured have many options, making it unpredictable. So the fans are waiting for something unique and splendid.

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