Concrete Cowboy: The Black Community Story With Relationship Dwells

Ricky Staub’s ‘Concrete Cowboy‘ was shown on the Gala Presentation of the Toronto Film Festival. The story revolves around Caleb McLaughlin aka Cole who plays the role of a troubled teenager. He is the source for assembling his family.

Concrete Cowboy

The teenager is directed by his mother Amahle aka Liz Priestley to spend the summer with his father Harp. Edris Elba aka Harp plays the role of the inner-city horseman in North Philly’s Fletcher Street Stables. He is supposed to teach discipline to the imperious boy. The storyline is not so new, but the way that family rejoined is very unique.

The story is based on Greg Neri’s novel ‘Ghetto Cowboy’ which was written in 2011. There is a vibrant spirit in the movie, but some corny dialogues also. There is an impressive matter shown in the film that in North Philadelphia, an African American group is taking care of the horses.

As per  the screenplay, the movie can be named as a black community story. When the 15 year old boy Cole is seen busy in Fletcher Street, he gains the value of the community. The story can take the audience to the hundred years old North Philadelphia.

Concrete Cowboy 2020 Movie Clip

Staub and Dan Walser’s script is good but predictable. The actors justified their roles very much which compel the viewers to get stuck to the movie. The horseman Harp’s neighbor Nessi aka Lorraine Toussaint played an important role in the movie.

Her act as a mother figure enhanced the story. Some drug-dealing issues are shown related to Cole’s cousin Smush aka Jharrel Jerome. The emotional attachment between the characters is very well established throughout the movie.

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