Duffield’s Spontaneous Is A Youth-Appealing Midnight Flick With Real Fun


The young generation of present times has to deal with pandemic and its different hazards, apart from the usual problems of teenagers like physical changes or academic performances. Brian Duffield has added another issue in his horror comedy movie named Spontaneous and that is a pandemic of combustion.

Spontaneous is inspired from the novel by Aaron Starmer of same name. The film may be considered as a love story and at the same time as a coming-of-age tale. Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer have played the roles of the main protagonists very well here.

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Knives Out and 13 Reasons star Langford has played the key role of Mara Carlyle, a teenage girl who is funny and feisty. Her parents, the characters played by Piper Perabo and Rob Huebel love her.

Tess McNulty, the character played by Hayley Law, is her best friend from her childhood. But Mara’s life changes drastically when a pandemic of spontaneous combusting breaks out among her fellow students.

Plummer, the Words on Bathroom Walls and Lean on Pete star, plays the role of Dylan. He comes to Mara’s life in this situation. He has a crush on Mara. Later, their romantic relationship becomes the center of attraction of the film.

They struggle together to save students and in between all this, their relationship takes shape. Soon they realize their tomorrow is extremely uncertain. So they decide to live for today.

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The director-writer Duffield has earlier written screenplays like Underwater and Insurgent. Spontaneous marks Duffield’s debut in feature films. It is partly rom-com and partly sci-fi flick. Duffield has proved his excellence in telling the original and clever story in a smart way with funny dialogues.

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