‘Empire Strikes Back’ Succeeds In Box Office As A Re-release

‘Empire Strikes Back’ has won the race of box office this weekend. It was a re-release to glorify the 40th anniversary of the movie. The sequel of the ‘Star Wars’ is also known as ‘Star Wars: Episode v – The Empire Strikes Back‘. In 1980, the movie was directed by Irvin Kershner and produced by George Lucas.

Empire Strikes Back

This movie was re-released in 2,097 theaters by Walt Disney and Lucasfilm. It has become the biggest grossing re-release as it has earned $908,000. It is not for the first that the movie was re-released. It is the second time of re-releasing the movie in theaters in this year. As the best Star Wars movie, it has earnings of $1.923 million this year.

Among the other movies, the Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has earned $3.4 million and held the first position over the weekend. The New Mutants was in second place as it has earned $1.147 million and the third position is held by Unhinged with earnings of $1 million. The Empire Strikes Back is at the fourth position with $900,000 haul and Infidel is on the fifth by earning $745,000.

‘Jurassic Park’ was also re-released this year and has earned $1.386 million. But ‘Empire Strikes Back’ has beat it. If the earning is added with what it gained four decades ago, the amount will be $292.1 million.

The pandemic has stopped everything and the industry has faced a huge loss. So, a bunch of new releases hit the theaters along with a few re-releases. King Kong, The Shining, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Color Purple, Fiddler on the Roof were among the re-releases.

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