Emraan Hashmi Surprises Everyone With His Look In Upcoming Film ‘Harami’

It’s time for the Bollywood movie lovers to get ready for surprises. After a long gap, Bollywood actors and actresses are coming with a bang. We are going to see a lot of experiments from the stars in terms of looks, characters, scripts and other things in movies. Let’s start with discussion about Emraan Hashmi.

Emraan Hashmi

He has proved himself to be a master card for the movie makers for more than once. Now, Emraan has revealed his first look in the movie ‘Harami.’ The viewers can’t stop themselves from getting astonished with the actor’s looks in the film.

Emraan has never been seen like this earlier. The Indo-American production directed by Shyam Madiraju will be premiered at the Busan International Film Festival.

A salt-and-pepper hair that is long and curly is being seen as the new look of the actor in the picture shared. Framed spectacles, simple clothes, and an intense look are showing that this character is going to be something extraordinary. Emraan Hashmi shared it on Twitter recently.

The film, according to the director Shyam, will be a story of “redemption and hope.” He had to roam around the streets of Mumbai for more than two years. They have used the streets of Mohamed Ali Road and the slum areas of Dharavi for the filming. The director has informed that this venture is a global production with more than 200 crews. The crew includes talents from various countries like UK, USA, South Africa, and Denmark.

The character Emraan is playing has been named as ‘Sagar Bhai.’ It’s going to be a unique one for the actor.

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