Filming Of ‘Avatar 2’ Almost Done, Viewers Still Have To Wait 2 More Years

James Cameron has announced that the filming of ‘Aavatar 2‘ is totally completed. But the viewers have to wait for two years more to watch the movie on theatres. Due to the pandemic all the works were stopped for about five months. The situation has affected the industry very much. So, James Cameron decides to release ‘Avatar 2’ on 16th December of 2022. In between, he is also preparing for ‘Avatar 3’.

Avatar 2

Cameron has told that the third part of the movie will also release soon after the second installment. The director has declared that after releasing ‘Avatar 2’, he will finish the pending work for ‘Avatar 3’. Cameron has announced that 95 percent work of the third part is already done.

In the pandemic situation, safety was the priority for the entire team of production. The first part of the movie was filmed in New Zealand and the director wanted the same location for filming of the sequel. As the country has handled the pandemic situation well, the cast and crew of the movie could finish their work comfortably and safely too. According to James Cameron, it was a wise decision that he had chosen New Zealand for filming.

The country has set an example as the first or second best to be safe amid pandemic. Due to this reason, team ‘Avatar 2’ could finish their work without any hazards and maintained a normal life there. The filming of the live-action parts is about to complete and only ten percent work is left.

Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, and Zoe Saldana will be continuing to work in the sequel too. The director is quite sure about the success of the movie.

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