First Trailer Of ‘The Glorias’ Impresses Viewers & Increases Expectation

“My Life on the Road”, the bestseller of Gloria Steinem in 2015, is coming to hit the screens as a conventional biopic. Steinem is a feminist firebrand as well as a rule breaker. The film has projected the life of Gloria Steinem for more than one decade.

The Glorias

The adaptation of the book for making the film has been done by Julie Taymor. Four different phases of Gloria’s life have been taken for the story and Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander have played the roles in most parts of the movie.

Travels of Steinem have been shown and often two Glorias have been seen to engage in chats with each other. The conversation was figurative and at the same time literal.

Sundance Film Festivals had premiered this film on the first half of this year. Steinem actually had a big life. She has been projected as “crazy woman.” With a previous experience of making a biopic called “Frida” which was appreciated, Taymore has cleverly turned Gloria’s autobiography of road trips into the journey toward becoming who she is now. As the director knows very well that life is never so simple and straight, he has utilized his inventive ideas into the biopic.

The Glorias Teaser Trailer

The supporting cast that the makers have chosen is also outstanding, who have added to the power of the film. The trailer will raise excitement among the viewers to watch the movie but it is the first trailer only. It will get a digital release on 30th September along with an exclusive streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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