Hollywood To Make Movie On Screenplay By A Writer Of Alberta

A screenplay called “Cop Shop” was penned down by Kurt McLeod of Alberta, Canada. Kurt was a student of a law school six year back and at that time he wrote it.

The production for the movie based on that screenplay is finally going to be started this October. Director Joe Carnahan will be directing the film. Gerad Butler, the famous actor, has been reportedly confirmed for the project.


McLeod is actually a financial advisor by profession. Screenplay writing is something he continues when he gets a leisure time. He said that he has been waiting for this screenplay to be turned into a movie and finally McLeod’s wait is going to be over soon.

McLeod has explained this hobby beautifully. He has said that anything people do for money restrict them to do it freely and do it better. Screenplay writing is his passion. As he doesn’t intend to make money from it, he works freely. Writing can be done flexibly.

The screenplay writer has informed that the filming for the movie based on his screenplay will be done in different locations of New Mexico and Georgia.

The film’ story actually revolves around the happenings of a single night. There are characters with different goals. The screenplay will basically be situated in a police station, added McLeod.

McLeod shared his intentions to write more such screenplays on which Hollywood movies can be made. He wants to work for at least the next two decades in this field. The passionate writer aims for the global production of films based on his screenplays so that filmmakers from all over the world can be brought to Alberta.

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