Khaali Peeli Is A Fun Ride With The Promising Pair Of Ishaan And Ananya

Khaali Peeli

Director Maqbool Khan has offered the audience a chance to revisit crowd puller ‘masala’ Bollywood movie in his Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday starrer film, Khaali Peeli. Comedy, action, and drama are included in this entertainment package in a satisfactory dose.

Ishaan and Ananya’s pairing increases expectations of seeing another hit couple of Bollywood in the future. They have successfully implemented some scenes of things in the movie that are unpredictable and offbeat.

A local criminal called Yusuf Bhai, the role played by Jaideep Ahlawat, separates Pooja and Blackie in their childhood. When Pooja alias Ananya Panday and Blackie alias Ishaan Khatter meet again in their youth, Yusuf Bhai tries to harm them. You have to watch the movie to know how they finally reunite.

In one hand, Khaali Peeli has not been able to distinguish itself from Bollywood cliches. But, on the other hand, it is trendy too. Specially the role played by Ananya is quite different from the heroines of typical commercial flicks of Bollywood that were made in the ’80s. Ishaan too has molded himself nicely with his character of a taxi driver. Ananya too has nicely complemented him in scenes of dramatic turnarounds.

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Ananya’s performance is troubled and at the same time lively. Supporting actors have also done a good job. Cinematography, editing, art direction and music has only added power to the film. Director Maqbool Khan has minimized the chances of attention shifting by using his own sense of understanding of the world.

The plot is an exciting one. There are twists and turns. The writers will get a 10 on 10 for the organized conclusion. But the film seems like a drag sometimes. Overall, the movie can give you pleasure.

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