List Of X-Men Movies That Wooed Audience Of All Age Groups

If you think that Harry Potter was the only movie, which had found its way to the silver screen with a massive fan following then you are greatly mistaken as there is another movie which is much more successful than the Harry Potter as well as can give it a run for its money.

X - Men Movies

The X-Men Trilogy is a stupendous movie series which is based upon the marvel comic superhero characters. To explore further in this super hero fiction, here is the list of X-men Movies (Chronological Order).

X-Men– The very first installment of the movie, which was released in 2000 plots start in the modern-day world where a small chunk of the human population has become mutant (which means possessing superpowers).

X-2 – This movie continuous with the aftermath of the last movie. The film opens with an assignation attempt to attack residents of the United States for the reason of mutant freedom. Then a former American military man came into the scene who wants to kill all the mutants for once with the help of his son and his self-created mutant girl who has almost the same abilities as the wolverine.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine– this movie tracks down the making of the Logan aka wolverine from the very birth to the first installment of the series. It reveals some dark past of him. The story also tells the encounter of him with the various x-men heroes while they were kids.

X-Men: First Class– The series deal with the making of X-men as a group who fights for the safety of both humans as well as mutants. It also signifies the making of the two pioneer characters of the series, Charles X Xavier and Magneto.

The Wolverine– this film is based on the afterlife of the wolverine after the third installment of X-men. In it, its struggle of jean grey’s hallucination is shown. The plot of the story revolves around how a wolverine saved a conglomerate’s daughter from being killed by his own brother and husband. The story is set in Japan and has a slot of Japanese and Chinese actors.

X-Men: The last stand– this is the series 7th installment deals with the far future of earth where mutants and their human allies are hunted down. X-men’s member wolverine goes back into the time in order to prevent Mystique from being caught by the creator sentinels, to prevent sentinels from gaining heir adapting nature like Mystique.

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