Malayalam Movie ‘Love’ Ready To Hit UAE Theaters

Rajisha Vijayan and Shine Tom Chacko starrer ‘Love‘ is to be released in UAE soon. The black humor film is directed by Khalid Rahman who is also the writer of it. It was decided first that the Ashiq Usman produced movie will need a 4 day filming in Kochi.


But as pandemic has changed everything, the filming took 24 days instead of 4 days. Maintaining all the safety norms like at a time only 30 people can be present in the set, the filming continued in an apartment in Kochi.

This Malayalam movie is the first Indian film, which is chosen for releasing in theaters of UAE. C U Soon is the first Malayalam movie, which was filmed during the pandemic period within four walls. The team of the movie maintained all safety rules during filming and set an example.

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‘Love’ has followed its path and successfully completed the filming. The director, producer, production team and the actors are very much confident about the thriller that it would compel the audience to watch it.

The story of the movie revolves around a young couple and their poor relationship after marriage. The action packed film is quite dark shaded as it’s shown in the trailer.

When anyone discusses about arguments between a married couples, the blame goes to the husband first. But this movie shows that both of the husband and wife can attack each other, the husband cannot be always blamed.

According to Rajisha who is playing the lead role, ‘Love’ is based on human emotions. It shows that anybody can not be considered as black or white, all have grey shades in their characters. The emotions of a married couple play the main role in ‘Love’.

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