Michelle Pfeiffer Wins Tons Of Hearts With Her New Film ‘French Exit’

French Exit is a movie of a mother-son bonding. In the movie, a journey from New York to Paris is shown. A young man is going to Paris with his mother and their cat.

French Exit

Michelle Pfeiffer has played the role of a 65 year old widow in the movie directed by Azazel Jacobs. It is a story which shows the high society satire.

Frances Price spent a sophisticated life with her husband. Their relationship was not so much loveless as moneyful. After her husband passed away, she brought son Malcolm Price back from boarding school. Their elegancy is showed off in the movie as Frances returned with her son in her own silver Rolls-Royce.

Both the mother and son ran out of money and decided to settle in Paris with a small amount of money, leaving behind the luxurious life in New York.

The Young man Malcolm’s role is played by Lucas Hedges and Tracy Letts has played the role of the reincarnated husband of Frances. The story has a supernatural thread which is revealed gradually. It is taken from the novel by Patrick DeWitt.

In the story, Francis has planned to die as her inheritance ran out. In that moment, her childhood friend Joan offered her to use an apartment in Paris that he possessed. The friend’s role is played by Susan Coyne. The casting selected by Azazel Jacobs are really appreciable.

French Exit was the closing-night movie of the New York Film Festival on 10th October. It is set to be released in February 2021. The movie can be considered as the film of Michelle Pfeiffer. She has won the hearts of the viewers again with this comedy film.

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