Mission: Impossible 7 Is Continuing The Shooting Of Stunt Scenes

Mission : Impossible 7

Mission: Impossible 7 is a popular spy-thriller movie series. The filming of Mission: Impossible 7 is going on now in Norway. Due to the pandemic, the filming was stalled for a few months. Now the makers are ready with the seventh installment of Mission Impossible.

Recently, a stunt was filmed on the top of a moving train for the most awaited movie. The filming is continuing with a Norwegian production schedule. The video of the scene was posted by Hayley Atwell. The video showed that the train was running through a beautiful location of Norway.

The picturesque view overwhelmed the Insta users. Cinephilia & Beyond has posted a video too on Twitter. The video showed director Christopher McQuarrie preparing for the filming. Tom Cruise was also seen on top of the train in a black outfit.

The director was very selective about the female lead opposite Tom Cruise alias Ethan Hunt. McQuarrie had decided to project the female lead in the stunts too, to make the scenes more interesting.

From this point of view, Hayley Atwell is selected. It is buzzing around that this installment of the film is coming with more interesting stunts. So after seeing the teaser video on Atwell’s Insta handle, viewers are eagerly waiting for more exciting scenes.

It was fixed that the movie would be released in July 2021. But the pandemic has changed everything and many movie makers are compelled to change the scheduled film release dates.

After struggling with numerous problems related to location, it is scheduled to release in November 2021. The makers are preparing for the next Installment of the movie too. So viewers are expecting to watch Mission: Impossible 8 in November 2022.

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