Netflix Adapts The Story Of ‘Uglies’, Joey King To Play The Lead Role

The streaming giant Netflix has confirmed the adaptation of ‘Uglies‘. The site has considered Scott Westerfeld’s dystopian YA book series for the first part. It will be made in the direction of McG. The kissing Booth actress Joey King will play the lead role in the series as well as work as the executive producer.

Uglies , Joey King

The Scott Westerfeld’s first novel  got released in the year 2005. After Uglies, the author wrote three more books in this series. Pretties, Specials and Extras are the other books of the set. Westerfeld had decided in 2018 to come up with a set of four new books in the same universe and it would be known as a series titled Imposters.

The web series ‘Uglies’ will tell a story of another world to the Netflix viewers. It will take them to the future which will be 300 years ahead from the present world. In that world, people have to undergo a cosmetic transformation , which is mandatory for all at the age of 16.

By this way, they will enter society’s beauty standards as per the government rule. The shocking truth behind such a rule will be discovered by a girl who will be all set for the medical procedure.

When the teenager Tally Youngblood will be very excited about the whole, she will come to know the government’s plan behind it. She will be unaware about the world outside her city’s limits till then.

Joey King is already appreciated for her acting and got the Emmy Award nomination for Hulu’s The Act. She has also bagged Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations for the same.

She acted in The Kissing Booth 2 on Netflix. Radium Girls on Netflix and Welcome to the Blumhouse on Amazon Prime Video are her next projects.

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