Netflix Plans To Overtake Hollywood Studios In Animated Movies

Netflix, the streaming giant sets a target to release six animated movies per year. The site is already working to reach the goal. Netflix is already popular among the viewers for it’s original series and TV shows, but it could not reach the level in animation field. So, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has teased the plans of the streaming site regarding animation features.


Their target is to work with the anime and animation features on regular basis and suppress the biggest Hollywood studios.

Generally, the studios like Warner Bros., Disney and Disney-owned Pixar, Illumination Entertainment, Universal Pictures’ DreamWorks Animation, and Sony Pictures Animation release three to four animated movies per year.

Ted Sarandos revealed that they wouldn’t follow other’s paths and therefore they are strict about the target number of six.

It is not the fact that the streaming giant is thinking on this on now, earlier too they released a few anime and animation movies. But it was not a continuous process.

In 2017, the site had released the sci-fi action animated movie ‘Blame’. The Christmas comedy-drama ‘Klaus’ was released in 2019. In this year, they planned to fulfill the target.

In April, ‘The Willoughbys‘ was released. In June, they released the fantasy anime ‘A Whisker’s, and the sci-fi comedy ‘Fearless’ was released in August. In October, two animated movies are to be released.

One of them is ‘Over The Moon‘ which is set to release on 23rd October and another movie is ‘You Animal!’ that will be available from 29th October on Netflix. Indian animated movie ‘Bombay Rose’ will be released too in the current year and thus the target will be fulfilled by the streaming giant.

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