Over The Moon Review: An Auspicious Legend of Moon Goddess Chang’e

Over The Moon’ can be explained as a mixture of a few legendary animated movies. If we see it, you will get a flavour of ‘The Wizard of Frozen’. Not only this movie, a pinch of ‘Up’ and ‘Frozen’ is also taken here.

Over The Moon Movie

An added odor of ‘Coco’ will also be available in the movie. Though it shows glimpses of a few movies, the director treated it well and the mixture has the guts to attract viewers.

The chinese culture is carried out for the movie by director Glen Keane. The superstar in animation series has granted this concept of legends of moon goddess Chang’e for his feature directional debut.

The movie will be available from 23rd October on Netflix. As it is the time of China’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the director has considered the date for releasing ‘Over The Moon’.

The plot of the story will be very interesting to the kids. The movie is based on the story of a girl who builds a rocket ship to meet a mythical goddess on the moon. Fei Fei, the 13 year old girl is the center of the plot. Cathy Ang has played the character.

The role of goddess of Chang’e is played by Philipa Soo. The goddess will be seen to sacrifice her earthly romance with Houyi for immortality among the stars.

The role of Houyi is played by Conrad Ricamora. Fei Fei will be seen to use China’s new maglev train to launch her homemade rocket into space.

Audrey Wells has written the script in such a way that has made it interesting to the kids and the music has created a fantasy throughout the animated movie.

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