Padmapriya & Revathy Points Questions On Leadership Association Of Malayalam Movie Artistes

Renowned actors Padmapriya and Revathy have raised their voices and they have written a letter to the head of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes and asked for their stance on the statement made by Edavela Babu.

Actress Revathy

They also wrote an official letter to the association’s general secretary stressing over the matter of a recent incident of mistreatment happening with a female actor.

This letter arrived three days after actor Parvathy Thiruvothu retired from the association in objection upon what she termed as ‘completely offensive’ comments against a lady member, who had been terribly let down by the industry.

Ms. Padmapriya and Ms. Revathy have also demanded a reply on the support of the general secretary’s comments against the lady actor by K. B. Ganesh Kumar— the vice president of the association. They asked what kind of action will be taken against them for making such disrespectful comments on the recent serious incident.

The actors connected to Mr. Babu’s remarks as an instance for some of the personalities in the community leadership using their status to censure a criminal probe that is sub judice.

On the association general secretary’s answer to the sexual harassment accusations against its administrative board member Siddique, Ms. Padmapriya and Ms. Revathy also asked whether the community leadership has ordered the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act that stops harassment and defends women in their offices and workplaces. Further investigation and replies are due to the opposite party and they have not given any reply yet.

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