Paramount Wants To Set A Journey To ‘The Lost City Of D’ With Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds

Paramount Pictures is working hard to back Sandra Bullock on the big screen. The makers have chosen Bullock to be a important part of ‘The Lost City of D‘.

Sandra Bullock

It is big news that Sandra Bullock has agreed to involve with the movie as a star and a producer too. The rom com star Ryan Reynolds is in minds of the makers for the lead male role. The story of the movie will totally revolve around the stunning star.

Sandra will be featured as an author who will write a story about a fictional city. But suddenly she finds that the city is not fictional but real. After getting to know the fact, she will make her journey to the city. The male lead will be a character from her book who will accompany the author in her journey.

Sandra-Reynolds duo has presented their on screen Chemistry in ‘The Proposal’ in 2009. So, the Paramount is emphasizing a lot to final the deal with Reynolds. Though no confirmation yet came from the star, audience are eagerly waiting to see another cinematic chemistry of Sandra-Reynolds.

The makers want to prove it that a star like Sandra Bullock has the potential till now that she can be considered as a “butts in the seats” movie star. After ‘Gravity’, it may be her huge comeback with ‘The Lost City of D’. In between, Hollywood has changed a lot.

The marquee characters surpassing actors can be considered as “movie stars” now. So, Reynolds who has got the fame for ‘The Proposal’, ‘Safe House’ and ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ is in mind of Paramount personnel.

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