Playback Singer Vijay Yesudas Says Goodbye To Singing In Malayalam

Vijay Yesudas is among the most popular singers in the Malayalam industry and he enjoys a massive fan following. He has surprised everyone when he announced that no longer be composing and singing in Malayalam movies.

Vijay Yesudas

He is the son of veteran singer KJ Yesudas, is a multi-talented person. He is a singer and an actor and has been entertaining the audience with his singing sensation.

In an interview with the media channel, Vijay said that he has reached this conclusion to highlight the difficult situation of singers, especially in Malayalam films. Considering that makers are ready to pay excellent compensation to actors but pay only a lower amount to music directors and singers.

He regretted that there is no respect for singers in the Malayalam film industry. However, Vijay Yesudas said that he will continue the singing in Tamil and Telugu films, where singers and musicians are appreciated and valued.

Vijay, however, stated that he would get schooled by his family for his decision, but he doesn’t mind it. For a topic on whether he takes permission from his dad for his movies, he said, he never takes permission to be it is acting or music but tells him.

Vijay said that he is a father now and if he keeps asking for approval from his dad, there is no point saying that he is a grown-up person. Vijay has recently completed 20 years as a singer this year, and his first song was with his dad, Yesudas, for Millenium Stars.

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