Ratheesh Vega & Anoop Menon Celebrate As Cocktail Completes 10 Years

Talented actors Ratheesh Vega & Anoop Menon are having a joy time now as their movie Cocktail has successfully completed 10 years in the industry. The movie was directed by Arun Kumar Aravind and it proved to be a commercially hit movie that acted as a game-changer for many.

Ratheesh Vega , Anoop Menon , Cocktail

It was one of the first kinds of new-gen movies in Malayalam and it generated many new movie ideas and careers of several casts. After that movie, several same theme movies started appearing on the big screen.

Actor Anoop Menon penned down a special note on this occasion and he took his social media to also share his dialogue from the movie. He wrote that Cocktail has completed 10 years in the business and turned the fortunes of all of us associated with it. Along with Ratheesh Vega & Anoop Menon, the movie also cast Arun Kumar, Jayasurya, and Fahad.

Music director Ratheesh Vega also wrote about this movie. It was his first debut movie as an actor and people had loved his work. I am remembering everyone who has supported me since then, wrote Ratheesh Vega. Time was destined for every experience., he further expressed.

According to the reports, Ratheesh Vega, Anoop Menon, and Jayasurya might collaborate for the second part of the movie Trivandrum Lodge. Madras Lodge will be the name of the new project. This movie will be directed by talented VK Prakash who also helmed the movie ‘Beautiful‘. It would be interesting to see what we can get from VK Prakash next.

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