Rebecca Movie Review: It’s A Dazzlingly Pretty Film Offered By Netflix

The Rebecca movie is now released on Netflix and the fans are quite excited about this project. After a long way, people are enjoying this masterpiece. Talking about this movie, it seems to be more jam-packed with the costumes and decor rather than the drama itself.

Rebecca Movie

This is the sole reason why actor Wheatley involves himself more with the bells and sirens than finding a beating heart in the storyline. The cinematographer Laurie Rose has done a good job in the movie and composer Clint Mansell is put his best in the movie that feels real while watching the movie. This was among the most awaited movies on Netflix but the movie somewhat lacks a solid storyline and script.

The new Rebecca movie is based on this model alone, is a lot like Baz Luhrmann’s movie flamboyant The Great Gatsby, although that film caught the spirit of the source element more strongly than most give it credit for.

The team involved in making Rebecca 2.0 asserts that it isn’t a redo, but rather a new arrangement of Du Maurier’s novel. This is the smart thing to say; a suitable phrase invoked by everyone from the Coen Brothers known for True Grit. The maker then urged to call it what you want but simply a remake.

Actor Wheatley is playing by the rules in the movie, and although he has never been one to stop himself, his Rebecca is too weak to be an adaptation to stand out amongst the flurry of Netflix pictures that will stumble upon our homepages in the coming weeks.

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