Secret Cameo Of Daredevil In The First Spider-Man Movie

The biggest fan of Spider-Man can’t even believe that the very first movie of the superhero series had a secret cameo from Marvel’s original Daredevil. A glimpse of the original Man Without Fear, Daredevil was incorporated in Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man.


The scene is at the beginning portion of the film. Peter has just decided to cash in on the spider-power he has received and he wants to do it by wrestling Bone Saw McGraw for money. Then, Peter once sees a victim of McGraw to be taken in a stretcher while yelling that he can’t feel his legs. If a viewer would have inspected closely, he would see the wrestler’s mask to sport a pair of horns.

The novel version of the film has projected the wrestler as Jack Murdock, the father of Matt Murdock. Jack has been projected as past-his-prime boxer in the comics and he has to do a job to feed his family. He once dressed up in a red “devil” costume for his job that made him Marvel Universe’s first “Daredevil.”

Jack took wrestling jobs for studies of Matt in Raimi’s version. His dress is also unpolished and an early version of the yellow Daredevil outfit of Matt. In the novel, Jack is saved by Spider-Man when he is taken hostage. Jack tells his son about the “daredevil” who saved him.

But in the movie, the cameo was very brief, without the additional scene from the novel. After Jack was dead, Matt adopted the identity of “Daredevil.” The age of Matt when Jack died differs in the Netflix show and the comics.

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