‘Serious Men’ Is Worth Watching As Nawazuddin Siddiqui Is Outstanding As Usual

Sudhir Mishra has done justice to his movie ‘Serious Men‘ by choosing Nawazuddin Siddiqui for the lead role. Indira Tiwari, Nassar, Shweta Basu Prasad, Aakshath Das and Sanjay Narvekar are also in the cast.

Serious Men

In the story, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has played the role of the anti-hero Ayyan Mani who is a Dalit Tamil migrant. At the end of the British period, Mumbai chawls had been considered as a jail.

In ‘Serious Men’, Ayyan is the resident of a one-room tenement in such a cluster. He lives there with his wife and son. For the couple and their ten-year-old son, the home is like a cage.

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The living style is very much suffocating for the trio. Everything goes wrong in their life. Whatever they do to bring it back in the right track, it ends with the opposite result.

As Nawazuddin is the right choice for the role of the protagonist, Indira Tiwari’s selection is also perfect as Oja, the wife of Ayyan. The newcomer Aakshath seems confident in the role of Adi, the ten year old son of Ayyan and Oja.

It is the first time that director Sudhir Mishra has made a film which is based on a novel. He has chosen Manu Joseph’s novel Serious Men to make the movie. The script is written by Abhijeet Khuman. Ayyan is framed as a funny and sharp man simultaneously.

The caste problem of society is highlighted in the story with the power of overcoming the atrocities of the community that Ayyan belongs to in the story. The father-son bonding is also shown there.

The education system which varies for merit and reservation table is another topic that has been mentioned in the short span along with other big issues of society and politics.

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