Spider-Man Homecoming 3 May See Return Of Andrew Garfield

Spider-Man Homecoming 3

Then a Marvel shared universe was attempted to start by Sony. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set up sequels and spinoffs which revolve around the Spider-Man of Andrew Garfield. When Spider-Man shifted to the MCU, those plans didn’t take shape.

Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield may appear on screen again with the return of Spider-Man Homecoming 3. Tom Holland became Peter Parker’s latest live-action iteration in Marvel’s recent reboot of Spider-Man.

MCU’s Spider-Man story is quite interesting for the fans because of solo series of its own as well as its full integration into major event films of MCU.

The announcement of the Spider-Man Homecoming 3 was officially done after Sony and Marvel/Disney’s deal regarding the sharing of Spider-Man was finalized with new terms. Recently, it is being known that Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 will also see the return of Electro of Jamie Foxx after it first turned up in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The details regarding the comeback of Jamie Foxx’s Electro have not come out yet. But already it is the multiverse which has become the center of discussions. Marvel Universe’s phase 4 is going to have multiverse as a big part of it.

Now, there is a question about the comeback of Electro with a totally new version from across the multiverse? Whatever it may be, the return of Electro is enough to enhance the chances for Andrew Garfield to make a comeback.

This is still in the stage of speculations now, however. But the fans who are constantly demanding it will surely be very happy if Garfield really returns.

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