The Babysitter Killer Queen, The Sequel Movie, Contains Nothing New For The Viewers

The Babysitter Killer Queen has released on Netflix this week. It is the sequel of ‘The Babysitter,’ which was released on the streaming site in 2017. When the horror comedy released, it couldn’t impress the audience very much.

The Babysitter Killer Queen

Now, the sequel directed by McG is continuing the script written by himself along with Dan Lagana, Jimmy Warden, and Brad Morris. Though it is the first week, it seems that the presentation seems mediocre to the Netflix audience.
Cole, the lead character of the movie is a junior in high school in the sequel.

In The Babysitter Killer Queen, Cole is targeted with the same cult as the previous for completion of their ritual with an innocent’s blood. He couldn’t convince anyone about this except his best friend Melanie. Judah Lewis is playing the role of Cole and Emily Alyn Lind is playing the role of Melanie.

The dead cults like Allison aka Bella Thorne, Sonya aka Hana Mae Lee, John aka Andrew Bachelor, and Max aka Robbie Amell are continuing the sequel as the story writers bring back them along with some new enemies.

The fun of the original is missing in the movie. The screenwriters tried hard to glorify the sequel with new turns, but the audiences are less interested in it. The horror theme is missing in the film with too many explanations, which are making it heavy.

The writers tried to make it catchy with humor, but the way the story is going ahead can not attract the audience. The Babysitter was not very successful but contained some comedy scenes which were enjoyed by the viewers. The sequel carried most of the cults of the previous and failed to introduce new characters that could turn the story.

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