‘The Eight Hundred’ Turns 2020’s Biggest Earner Worldwide After Beating Mulan

Chinese war epic, The Eight Hundred, ruled the box office of China to become the most earning movie of the year globally. In spite of China being the most important theatrical market for Disney, Mulan has been dominated by The Eight Hundred this weekend in that country.

The Eight Hundred

The Eight Hundred has earned 17.7 million dollars in one month. According to a local tracker of the box office, the total gross of the film has reached to 423.2 million dollars. On the other hand, Mulan has made a business of 6.5 million dollars in the second weekend. It has seen a 72 percecnt decrease in its earning, compared to the first weekend. Mulan’s story is based on a legend of China.

The filmmakers have also packed with Chinese Stars. So, it should have done a more decent business in the Middle Kingdom, but it couldn’t. The cost of the movie’s making is 200 million dollars whereas it has earned only 57 million dollars till date worldwide. The movie may earn around 40 million dollars only in China, according to a local ticketing app.

Watch The Eight Hundred Movie Trailer

The total production cost of The Eight Hundred is almost 85 million dollars. It has crossed Bad Boys for Life by Sony on Monday. The Eight Hundred has earned about 426.5 million dollars as of Monday while Bad Boys For Life earned 424.6 million dollars. Director Guan Hu has achieved a big win as he released the film as China’s first movie release after pandemic.

Tenet by Christopher Nolan has earned 5.6 million dollars this weekend, a little less than Mulan. Tenet was also released as the first Hollywood film after the pandemic.

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