The Swerve Is The Same Story Told In A Delightful Way, Watch Out For Azura Skye

The Swerve, the horror-thriller movie by director and writer Dean Kapsalis has gone digital now. The film has been released on VOD and digital platforms on 22th September.

Holly, the role played by Azura Skye has a common middle class lifestyle with apparently all the happiness. She teaches English in a school. Her husband’s role is played by Bryce Pinkham who owns a grocery shop.

The Swerve

Their teenage sons always misbehave with Holly. She remains disturbed always. She has insomnia. She has a crush on her student, the role played by Zach Rand. But it goes on in an inappropriate and unstable way.

She thinks her husband to have an affair. No one thinks highly of her, not even her mother or sister. Even a mouse can add to her decay. Amid this, the story is about what happens when the feelings in Holly pour out.

Kaspalis had a crystal clear idea of what he wanted to tell and from the beginning to the end, the story is in his control. The story of The Swerve is nothing new but it has been presented in a delightfully original way. It falls under the rare category of horror stories, which don’t make you scared but make you feel for the characters.

Dialogue writing is good, acting is also fine. None can find many flaws in editing, cinematography and music either. But the film cannot make itself unique among other generic and middle-of-the-road dramas.

Skye is the person to have helped the film stand out. She has essayed the character beautifully with showing every emotion within herself minutely. The beginning may not be so attractive but watching the full story won’t be a time waste at all.

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