‘V’: Welcomed On OTT, But Fails To Meet The Expectations

For the first time ever, a Telugu film has released on an online platform. But the story of ‘V’ could not attract the viewers on the first weekend. The crime thriller was released on Amazon Prime on Friday evening.

V Telugu Movie Review
V Telugu Movie Review

Indraganti Mohan Krishna is the director of ‘V’. Nani, Aditi Rao Hydari, Sudheer Babu and Nivetha Thomas have played the lead roles. Viewers had set a high expectation from the movie. But it has failed to meet their demands.

The story is about a police officer who is quite efficient. Sudheer Babu is playing the role of DCP Aditya. He is searching killer Vishnu aka Nani to arrest him. The killer is giving one after another clue and the police try to find him. The hype for the story was very high, but it failed to reach that height.

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Director Indraganti Mohan Krishna is known as a good script writer. But audience has found a lot of things which could be corrected. It seems that as the director made an action film for the first time, he couldn’t justify it.

Though there are many positive approaches like action sequence, high technology and good performances, it hanged in many stages too. The primary presentation was good with DCP Aditya’s action and heroism.

Vishnu aka Nani who played a grey character also justified his role. But the plot is the base for a movie. Though the materials were good, the preparation did not go well. The director wanted to make a crime thriller, but the thrill and the twist in the story were missing. It became very much predictable after a few scenes.

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